Top Home Staging Tips

When you’re selling a home, staging is key. In short, staging helps you to depersonalize your space, which in turn, helps potential buyers vizualize themselves in the space. After all, you’re selling it. Keep in mind, your house is no longer your home, your house is a product to be sold. Here are some of the best tips for successfully staging a home for sale.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen a house for sale that features a dirty, disgusting bathroom. Sure, the rest of the house looks great but once you get to the bathroom, it’s gross. Period.

When staging your home to sell, scrub, scrub, scrub! Get rid of all that soap scum build-up, take a q-tip to the base of your bathroom faucet and get rid of the dirt in every nook and cranny. A clean bathroom will be pleasing to buyers and even lets them know you’re proud of your home.



Got a Fireplace?

Fireplaces can be huge for some sellers, but if you’ve used your fireplace (especially if you have a wood burning fireplace,) be sure to clean it up. Many fireplaces get “burn marks” above the opening. Scrub this area down and make sure your fireplace looks picture perfect. Be sure to also clean the screen and the inside of the fireplace (at least, vacuum up any stray soot or dirt,) because it will make a difference for buyers.

Kitchens and More

The kitchen is an important selling point for any home, there’s no escaping it. Of course, we’ve all heard that replacing appliances to stainless steel is best, or that all appliances should match. But selling a kitchen goes beyond having “upgraded” appliances. Old, dated cabinets can be a huge turn-off for sellers.

Cabinets can be pricey to replace, but if you’ve got the budget, consider replacing (or at least, updating them.) You can update old, beat-up cabinets with a quick coat of paint and new hardware. White kitchen cabinets (or beige, brown or some other neutral color) can all be extremely appealing to buyers. Simple, inexpensive updates can make all the difference.

Light Fixtures

Dated light fixtures can make an entire home seem out-of-touch with the world. Fortunately, light fixtures are easy and generally inexpensive to replace. Even replacing an old fixture with a modern, but basic light fixture such as a glass globe, can make a huge impact on a space.

Paint, Paint, Paint!

This is always one of my biggest pet peeves, but you’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again. Paint your home in neutral colors, if it isn’t already. I could never understand people who couldn’t look past paint color when buying a home, but it is what it is.

Choose warmer neutrals rather than cooler neutrals, as those can give off the psychological effect of a cold, uninviting home. Remember, just because you love that vibrant teal color in your office, doesn’t mean your buyers will.

Stage Each Room Individually

Be sure to stage each room individually, though many buyers tend to be more forgiving of children’s rooms. (Just be sure to cut down on how many toys your child has, as too many toys can still make a room feel small and cluttered.)

When staging each room, leave out items that are neutral and pack away items that are not. For example, your spouse might love that sculpture they picked up in New York, but it might not be everyone’s taste. Also, take down or change out any personal photograms in frames for more neutral photos-such as nature shots. The same goes for your wall art, you might love those vintage prints, but your buyers might not. Again, choose neutral wall art. Think: organic shapes, neutral colors and natural scenes.

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