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Peavey Profex II, Transtube Fex and Tube Fex Program Listings


NOTE: The listing is now hosted on The Steel Guitar Forum. Clicking on the red button, below, will take you to the listing on the forum


The Jeff Newman Profex II program list is being made available AS IS.  The list was prepared from a Transtube Fex and there apparently are some differences in the effects or the effect names from the Profex II.  Please do not contact me about the list, you are on your own.  Thanks to Smiley Roberts for helping me proof read it.  Thus it is 99% accurate, just an occasional inconsistency because it was generated from a Transtube Fex.  There is no loadable syx file.  The listing file is a PDF file and you will need the free Adobe Acrobat reader (or another PDF reader) to display (and save) the file.  Click on the "Profex II" button to go to the listing hosted on The Steel Guitar Forum


Picture courtesy of Peavey Electronics

My Transtube Fex program list is available here. Until I made my program set available there was not a group of steel programs (such as the Jeff Newman Profex II programs) for the Transtube Fex/TubeFex. These programs are what I  used, when I had a Transtube Fex and are applicable to both the Transtube Fex and the TubeFex units. I have not tested these programs with the Peavey Session 2000 amplifier however they may be applicable to that unit too.  The programs are some of what I had in user memory and are a compilation of my own programs, some factory programs copied to the user memory for faster access and some that have been copied from the internet. The file is a PDF file and you will need the free Adobe Acrobat reader to display and save the file. Click on the "TTFex" button.  (I do not have a loadable syx file).

These programs/listing are provided free and "as is".


Replacement for Peavey Cache Card.  The Peavey Cache Card (memory card) used in the Profex II, Transtube Fex, Tube Fex, Session 2000, etc is no longer available.  However, the Roland M512G or M512E cards are supposed to be an alternate for the Peavey model.