Horse Finger Puppets – Kids Craft Ideas

Horse finger puppets are a fun and easy craft for kids. Kids will enjoy making the toy with you and will get a kick out of being creative. The best parts about this craft is that horse finger puppets only take about 15 to 30 minutes to make and can be crafted from things you already have at home or can inexpensively purchase at a craft or dollar store.
Few color suggestions are given with this crafting idea, so you and your child can feel free to make traditional looking horse puppets or more colorful nontraditional ones. Imagination and creative interpretations are welcome.

As with any kids craft project, be sure to closely supervise. Adults may want to do all cutting, if you do not have child safety scissors.

Horse Finger Puppet Supplies:

Old glove
Craft glue
Felt scraps or thin cardboard
Permanent markers
Cotton balls
Fake eyes
Fake hair or yarn

Crafting the Horse Finger Puppet’s Shape:

1. Cut a finger off of a pair of gloves.

2. Bead craft glue along the cut edges of the finger, to prevent fraying and runs. Allow time for glue to dry.

3. Stuff half of a cotton ball into the fingertip of the glove, to create the shape of the horse’s muzzle.

4. Add another cotton ball behind the first one, to shape the horse’s head.

5. Turn the glove finger inside out until you can see the start of the cotton balls. Seal with craft glue and let glue dry.

Putting Ears on the Horse Finger Puppet:

Option 1
1. To make the horse’s ears, cut out two 1 1/2 inch long ovals from felt.

2. Going lengthwise, fold the ovals in half and glue together the lower edges.

3. Glue the base of the ears onto the back of the horse finger puppet’s head.

Option 2
1. Cut narrow ovals for the ears out of an old blind slat. Cut 1 1/2 inches lengthwise, where the slat is gently curved.

2. Color the slat with permanent markers or glue fabric over them.

3. Glue the base of the ears onto the back of the horse finger puppet’s head.

Giving the Horse Puppet Features:

1. Cut out a thin strip of felt, roughly an inch long, to run down your horse puppet’s nose. Attach the stripe with glue, starting at the top of the horse’s head.

2. Glue tiny fake eyes onto your puppet or cut a pair out of white felt. Dot the center of the felt with a black permanent marker. Glue onto the horse’s head.

3. Use the marker to draw on nostrils and a jawline.

Giving a Horse Finger Puppet a Forelock amp; Mane:

1. To add a fringed forelock to your horse finger puppet, fringe one edge of a half inch square of felt. Glue opposite straight edge to the puppet. Another option to felt would be to use half inch strands of yarn and individually glue on to the head.

2. Use fake hair or yarn to craft the horse puppet’s mane. Cut hair or yarn about three inches long. Attach to the back of the horse finger puppet’s head.

Repeat these steps to make a whole stable of horse finger puppets to enjoy.