Best Hand Saw Buying Guide

Whoever doesn’t own a hand saw is missing out. Hand saws are useful in a ton of different situations and applications. Usually you use a hand saw when you want to cut through wood but without using a power tool. Or when you need more precision than you can achieve with a tool like a chain saw. There are a lot of tasks where the hand saw is more suitable than a miter saw or table saw for instance. If you need to trim trees in your backyard, or cut wooden beams for a shed then a hand saw is the perfect tool for the job. But how do you get the best hand saw for wood working or for whatever your task is? Well, this guide is here to help you with that. We have gone over some of the top points to consider. After reading through this guide you should have quite a good idea about what you need to know in order to buy a good hand saw.

The best hand saw should be durable so that it lasts a long time before needing to be replaced. The easiest way to ensure your saw is durable is to purchase a well known and reputed model from a well known brand like stanley. It’s important that the steel which the saw blade is made from is high carbon. High carbon steel keeps the teeth sharper for longer and doesn’t flex too much is the saw gets stuck.

Stanley Fat Max Saw

TheStanley 20-045 Fat Max Hand Saw is our top choice for overall performance. It is a nice balance between being cheap but also being a high quality hand saw. This saw is versatile, and the back can be used also as a measuring instrument. It’s perfect for making quick measurements to mark 45 and 90 degree angles for on the go measuring. The handle is designed with precision and ergonomics in mind so that it is easy and comfortable to hold for a long duration. The blade is 15 inches long, with 9 TPI or teeth per inch. The Fatmax hand saw is great for experts who need high quality but also just for amateurs as it’s an all around well balanced tool. The special sharptooth saw tech the blade uses allows you to cut through wood and plastic 50% faster than regular hand saws.


GreatNeck N2610 Handsaw

The Great Neck N2610 is another popular choice among builders and handymen. Anyone who has owned this hand saw will be able to attest to the fact that it’s built to be very high quality. The design is meticulously crafted and is pleasing to the eye. Particularly the wooden handle. One drawback to keep in mind regarding the handle is that wooden handles are heavier than plastic handles. This saw does not just look pretty anyway, it’s also very functional. As we mentioned before, it is important that the blade of any good handsaw is made from high quality steel. In that arena this saw excels as the teeth are hard built from high carbon steel meaning they will stay sharp for ages. The greatneck is also quite quick at cutting because it has 10 teeth per inch on a solid blade of 26 inches. This saw is well priced and suits hobbyist as well as professionals.